Irregular Period Problems: A Very Common Issue


Irregular Period Problems: A Very Common Issue

These days the period problems have become a very common issue with all age group women. To some extent, it is due to a not too good lifestyle which includes insufficient sleep and unhealthy eating habits along with increasing mental stress, especially in working women. Also, smoking is a contributing factor. Few common medical problems like Hypothyroidism and Diabetes can also lead to menstrual irregularities, says ‘Dr. Usha M Kumar – the best Gynaecologist in Delhi.

One of the common causes seen to lead to menstrual irregularities is PCOD or Polycystic ovaries (PCOS). In some way, an unhealthy lifestyle is seen to be a contributing factor to this. PCOD leads to hormonal imbalance that leads to problems of ovulation or egg formation in the ovaries. Women with PCOD or PCOS find it difficult to conceive. But the best part is that this is a treatable condition.

So to have a regular menstrual cycle with a normal bleeding pattern you need to first find the cause. If it’s secondary to a medical problem then once treatment is started for the disease, the menses will slowly become normal or You can take advice from Dr. Usha M Kumar, the Best Gynaecologist in Delhi. If it’s PCOD hormonal treatment will help. In everything; leading a healthy lifestyle is very important. Sleep well, eat healthily, quit smoking, and exercise moderately.

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