Uterine Fibroid Surgery

Uterine fibroids are abnormal growths in a females uterus. Although fibroids are rare uterine growths, they are mostly non-cancerous. These fibroids can develop on the outside or inside of the uterine walls. Uterine fibroids can range in size from as small as a pea size to as large as a grapefruit. Dr. Usha M Kumar is the best Doctor for Uterine Fibroids in Delhi for minimally invasive Uterine Fibroid Removal and Fibroid Operation. Depending on the severity of the condition, a uterus might have a single or multiple fibroids. Uterine fibroids should not be taken lightly; they required timely and appropriate treatment. Best Doctor For Uterine Fibroids in Delhi - Dr. Usha-M-Kumar



– Hormonal imbalance in the body (excess estrogen over progesterone)
– Genetic factor
– Excess red meat consumption
– Vitamin D deficiency
– Obesity
– High blood pressure/hypertension



-Heavy and painful menstrual bleeding
– Irregular periods
– Frequent spotting between menstrual cycle
– Menstruation that lasts more than 5-6 days
– Lower back and abdominal discomfort
– Excruciating sexual encounters
– A feeling of heaviness in the pelvic area
– Urine passage discomfort



Leiomyomas are another term for uterine fibroids. These are non-cancerous uterine growths that are not linked to an increased risk of uterine cancer. Dr. Usha M Kumar, the best Doctor for Uterine Fibroids in Delhi  can detect uterine fibroids and offer the best treatment choice for you. Dr. Usha can recommend any of the modern and cutting-edge diagnostic tests and laboratory testing listed below to determine the root cause of your uterine fibroids.

– Hysteroscopy
– Hysterosalpingography

– MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)
– Hysterosonography
– Ultrasound
– Complete blood count

To detect uterine fibroids, most of the best Gynaecologists use hysteroscopy as a main diagnostic technique. Gynecologists will put a small and thin telescope called a hysteroscope into the uterus through the cervix during this examination. A saline will be injected into the uterus, causing the uterus cavity to enlarge. This helps our doctors to inspect the uterine walls and fallopian tube openings. Apart from modern diagnostic tests, doctors review your previous and present medical and medication histories to rule out the presence of underlying condition that may have caused uterine fibroids. To learn more about uterine fibroids diagnostic tests and to get diagnosed by the best doctor for Uterine Fibroids in Delhi, you can visit www.drushamkumar.com


Procedure or surgery:


– Laparoscopic hysterectomy is one of the best and safest procedures to remove uterine fibroids and give long-term relief from the symptoms of uterine fibroids. The uterus is removed during a hysterectomy. Dr. Usha M Kumar performs laparoscopic hysterectomy with no risks, problems, side effects, or excessive bleeding.
– All of your vital signs will be monitored once you fall asleep.
– Small incisions will be made on the abdomen later.
– Surgical devices such as a laparoscope will be inserted through these small incisions or cuts to observe internal organs.
– Once uterine fibroids are detected, our specialist Dr. Usha will remove the uterus and cervix, as well as both ovaries and fallopian tubes, if necessary.



Dr. Usha offers the safest hysterectomy using the most advanced laparoscopic technology. Contact now to know more about uterine fibroids and their treatment options.


Uterine fibroids are quite common, especially in women between the ages of 40 and 50. It starts as a sudden but acute pain and gradually becomes more frequent and severe. The only method to get rid of fibroids is to have them surgically removed.


Do you have uterine fibroids? Consult Dr. Usha M Kumar, the best Doctor for Uterine Fibroids in Delhi for modern treatments for all forms of uterine fibroids, including subserosal, intramural, and submucosal fibroids. Make an appointment with Dr. Usha right now for the finest Fibroid treatment in Delhi.


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