Being a lady, as you may have noticed, there are plenty of things that you need to consider when trying to stay fit and healthy. Paying regular visits to the best gynaecologist laparoscopic surgeon in Lajpat Nagar can be very vital as you need to pick somebody with whom you can establish and maintain a relationship and also take utmost care of your feminine health. Gynaecology deals with the health of the female reproductive system, which is very sensitive and like any other portion of the body, entails comprehensive study and knowledge. There are numerous diseases that are looked into by gynaecologist like ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, fibroids, endometrial cancer, PCOS, urine problems, menstruation problems, etc.


It is suggested that females should start habitually visiting a gynecologist after they turn 18 or as soon as they become sexually active. At the very least, it is necessary to start having yearly gynecological checkups if you are considering pregnancy, are expecting, or have a doubt that you might have a sexually transmitted disease. Checkups are essential for your overall health and well being. The best gynecology doctor in Lajpat Nagar – Dr. Usha Kumar specializes and holds expertise in treating and solving any issues related to women’s health problems.

Dr Usha

While many might feel terror or awkwardness when going to a gynaecologist, it is not something to skip merely based on that. Just like there is no reason to avoid your general doctor checkup, there is no reason to miss your gynecology checkup either. This can help you to hinder major diseases and issues that would otherwise intimidate your health. For females who are trying to become pregnant, this can also help you to have more info regarding pregnancy. Visiting a gynecologist will help you to keep yourself in topnotch condition and on target to do what you want to do. You will also stay well-versed about any problems that require attention.


If you are eyeing a true friend in the reflection of the best Gynaecologist Laparoscopic surgeon in Lajpat Nagar, you can refer Dr. Usha Kumar. She is also an experienced and best gynaecologist laparoscopic surgeon Delhi at Max Hospital, Saket. Want to schedule an appointment? You can contact her here:

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