PCOD is Quite Common: An article by best gynecologist in Delhi for PCOS


PCOD is Quite Common: An article by best gynecologist in Delhi for PCOS

Are you having delayed menstrual cycles or periods along with or without an abnormal bleeding pattern? The possible reason could be polycystic ovarian disorder or PCOD. It is many times associated with weight gain and/or increased facial hair and /or acne. A very few times acne is not responding to any treatment and the underlying reason is PCOD. If you suffering from any of these problems then visit the best gynecologist in Delhi for PCOS. This is a treatable disorder!! A simple ultrasound pelvis is a diagnostic tool.

Common symptoms of PCOD/PCOS include:

  • Acne
  • Weight gain and trouble losing weight
  • Extra hair on the face and body
  • Thinning hair on the scalp
  • Irregular periods
  • Fertility problems
  • Depression

When to Know That You Have Irregular or abnormal menses and you need to visit a Gynaecologist for PCOS

If your monthly menstrual cycle is not regular or on time and you ignores it you could be ignoring a bigger thing behind it and just a visit to a gynecologist in Delhi in such a situation could help you. Primarily you must know that if you are bleeding for more than 5-6 days or passing clots or the bleeding is too scanty for only 1-2 days then it is not normal.

If you are having your periods in less than 25 days or more than 35-40 days or you seem to be skipping months then also you need to see a gynecologist. The gynecologist will inspect you and get some blood tests and ultrasound to find the cause for your abnormal or irregular periods. You don’t need to panic just see the gynecologist if you think you fall into this group.

Are you looking for PCOS/PCOD Treatment in Delhi? Dr. Usha M Kumr, the best gynecologist in Delhi for PCOS provides cost-effective PCOS/PCOD Treatment in Delhi. You can contact her here at: https://www.drushamkumar.com

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