High Risk Pregnancy

A high-risk pregnancy is one where there is a higher risk to the mother or her fetus than an uncomplicated pregnancy.


Childbirth is one of the major phases in any couples life. A baby can always change a lot of things in life and brings in a lot of miracles in one’s life. Most of the women who are lucky enough deliver a baby without any kind of trouble or complications, however, there could be a lot of factors women’s body will face during the process. These make major complications in a female while giving birth to a baby. It’s always important to take proper care during the pregnancy which helps the women in delivering the baby without any kind of trouble or complications.


We at our clinic see to it that the mother and the unborn baby are been provided with the best care as soon as she gets positive results. The mother is been provided with full support and endless care throughout the pregnancy period for the best results. Our clinic is equipped with the best tools and equipment which help the mother to stay healthy during this phase. Dr Usha M Kumar provides best treatment for High risk pregnancy care in Delhi. We are one of the well-known and recommended clinics in Delhi for high risk pregnancy care who are now healthy and also blessed with a strong and cute baby.


There are various kind of trouble which can cause high risk during pregnancy in the females:


  • Medical problems and conditions present in the women before pregnancy
  • Women who delay in planning for a family and cross the age of 35 face this problem
  • Smoking, alcohol and drugs can put pregnancy at risk
  • Diabetes, Blood pressure can be a major issue
  • Anemia, infection or mental health condition can cause pregnancy problem




If at all you go through any of the below problems immediately get in touch with us or experienced gynecologist in Delhi to get the best treatment done as soon as possible; Vaginal bleeding, bad pain or cramps over the lower abdomen, decreased fetal movement can cause risk during the pregnancy and watery vaginal discharge is a major cause. Apart from this there various other kind of complications seen in women during the pregnancy. Hence, the excerpts in our clinic perform the best treatments with their knowledge to keep both mother and baby healthy and safe.


High Risk Pregnancy Care


We have helped countless women who have faced twin’s pregnancy complications, previous pregnancy failure or miscarriage, and ectopic pregnancy with the best solution that matches their health conditions. You can always count on us when choosing high-risk pregnancy care in India as we have some well-educated doctors with us who have great knowledge about childbirth and can provide you with the right treatment at a much reasonable price.


Dr. Usha M Kumar in our clinic has vast experience in this field and have easily treated some of the most complicated cases of pregnancy. You can take their best guidance as well as tips while you plan for a baby which will help you in getting the best treatment and care throughout the pregnancy.

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