Labor and Delivery

It’s vital to ensure that the mother and child both stay healthy and safe. For every woman in the world, pregnancy is one of the important phases of life. She always sees to it that the baby is provided with the best things to welcome it with lots of love and health. After a lot of care and love when the due date nears to welcome the baby in this world women tend to go through a lot of anxiety, nervousness which cannot be explained. Labor and Delivery in Delhi need to be done with proper care and advance solution which can keep the mother as well as baby healthy and happy.

Delivery needs to be done by some of the best experts who have handled cases and can provide the best care to the mother while she is in labor pain. In our Clinic in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi we have a team of specialized gynecologists who have handled normal as well as complicated cases to help the mother and baby in the best ways.

Gynecologist in Lajpat Nagar

Dr Usha M Kumar has vast experinced in gynecology and practices in Max Hospital, Saket.

Dr. Usha M Kumar in our clinic are well experienced in performing countless delivers with the help of latest gynecology technologies in the health world. When it comes to welcome a baby it’s really important to take advice from the best gynaecologist in Delhi who can not only provide you with the best tips but also see to it that you are been provided with lot of care till you deliver. Labor and delivery in India is done by a lot of hospitals however it’s important to get the delivery done by the best and well- trusted doctor who can understand your health and provide you with the best benefits. You can always count on us when it comes to searching for the best Labor and Delivery in India as we provide finest treatments to our patients at a much inexpensive price.


Dr. Usha M Kumar we have ensure that the labor and delivery is been performed in the safest manner. They carry a lot of experience with them in performing high risk pregnancy in their life. The doctors we have with us prepare the mother with normal delivery tips and also ensure that the mother and child is provided with a lot of care. The clinic is equipped with most advance technology and infrastructure to help the baby and mother stay healthy and comfortable.

Health is one of the important things a women should take care of when it comes to planning a baby. As she needs to take care of herself as well as the life which is growing inside her. We help every women to overcome this phase without any kind of trouble by providing them with the best medication and treatment that can help them in leading a stress free and comfortable pregnancy life. This is the time when women have to consult a good doctor and get the treatment done for a smooth labor and delivery.

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