Corporate Well Women Health Programme

Women these days are very much involved in their work life and taking care of their families. This brings in a lot of health issues, stress, and tension in her which is ignored and leads to various types of diseases. A corporate woman goes through a lot of problems in her life but hides them within her without giving any trouble to other family members. It’s very important to take a woman to a counselor who can help her with the best guide and tips which can help her in leading a healthy life. Women are always busy spending their life supporting their families and job. Corporate Well Women Health Program - Dr. Usha M Kumar

We provide a special comprehensive consultation program for corporate women to help them in the best ways. The corporate well women health program in Delhi provided by us is done by some of the leading specialists who help women in their well-being and helping them in keeping their work life and personal life balanced. It’s always important for a woman to go through this kind of consultation which can help her in leading a healthy and disease-free life. A gynecologist in Delhi can help a woman understand her trouble and provide her with precise advice. We have some of the best gynecologists in South Delhi – Dr. Usha M Kumar with us who understand and give maximum time to their patients by providing them with the best health tips.

We can help you in staying healthy at the time with our services which can give you the chance to lead a happy and healthy life. Some of our best services are listed below to get yourself enrolled

  • Perfect pregnancy planning
  • Stress management classes
  • Special stress management classes for women who are pregnant
  • Dietary plan for women who are pregnant
  • Prenatal care for corporate working women
  • Perfect tips before and after the childbirth
  • Best natural medication


Gynecologist in South Delhi

Dr. Usha M Kumar is a gynecologist in South Delhi. She is an expert in all the common issues faced by women due to extreme work pressure and a sedentary lifestyle.

If you are one of the corporate women who are going through a lot of stress and tension in life we are here to help you with the best tips and consultants who can help you in the perfect manner. You can always go for a check with our Health specialist in Delhi. Dr. Usha M Kumar is one of the experienced gynaecologist and specialists who will ask you some questions related to your health and accordingly provide you with the best treatment which will blend with your health condition and day-to-day life.


Our clinic in Delhi is recommended by most corporate women for stress management during pregnancy and also the best family planning. You can always get in touch with us for most of the gynaecological treatments in Delhi. We see to it that with regular health checkups and tests, you lead a healthy and stress-free life away from diseases like cancer. Dr Usha M Kumar carries an expert who carries years of experience with her and is a well-known and best Gynaecologist Laparoscopic surgeon in Delhi, Max Smart Hospital who loves to help her clients whenever they need her.

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