Why Is It Encouraged To Visit A Gynaecologist On A Regular Basis?

A gynecologist is a doctor who specializes in the reproductive health of ladies. When you go to see the best gynaecologist in Lajpat Nagar i.e. Dr. Usha Kumar, you are taking control of your body and being responsible about your sexual vigor. This is an imperative step in learning all you can about your reproductive system. It offers an idyllic environment for asking queries you have about sexuality with a medical emphasis. While your family doctor can assist you with gynecological problems, seeing a specialist in the field is strongly suggested, particularly once you have become sexually active. Going to see a new practitioner concerning a private and intimate part of your body can be nerve-racking. Knowing that the appointment is important to your present and future level of health makes an incredible difference and can help to assuage some of the nervousness you might experience as you envisage the visit to Dr. Usha, the best gynae for uterus removal in Delhi. Read more

Want To Relish The Parenthood Phase in Your Life? Read On

When couples firstly make the decision to start a family by having a baby, they usually never think about they will not be able to get pregnant. Many pairs, in fact, do not have any complications becoming pregnant and can begin building their family whenever they desire. However, other couples are not so fortunate and can expend years trying to get pregnant with luck. This can nippily grow into frustration and anger which can not only result in a loss of confidence but complications in the personal relationship too. If you are in the group of hapless couples that is dealing with the issue of not being able to get pregnant, you might be thinking of trying the natural method or chasing other techniques of becoming pregnant, such as by seeing the best infertility specialist in Delhi i.e. Dr. Usha Kumar. There are many advantages of visiting Dr. Kumar, the biggest of which can be that it can help you become pregnant much faster. Also, she is the best laparoscopy surgeon in Max Hospital Delhi as well. Read more

Learn All About Laparoscopic Transabdominal Cerclage

Cervical shortening is thought to be an indicator for generalized intrauterine inflammation and has a robust association with spontaneous preterm birth. A multiplicity of therapies, including vaginal and intramuscular progesterone, pessary and cerclage has been verified to be effective in particular clinical situations. Cervical cerclage can be placed via transvaginal, open transabdominal or laparoscopic transabdominal methodology, preferably before pregnancy. A laparoscopic methodology may be superior to the transabdominal method in terms of surgical results, cost and postoperative morbidity.

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How is a Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Surgery Performed?

Fibroids are the most common tumor that affect females and about 99 percent of them are benevolent (non-cancerous). Although uterine fibroids are so common, the worthy thing is that maximum of them usually pose no complications for the ladies that have them. For other females, dealing with the numerous symptoms of uterine fibroids can be a challenge. They might struggle with pain, pelvic pressure, hefty bleeding, infertility, pregnancy impediments, constipation, etc. For females with these tumors, they can refer Dr. Usha Kumar, the best laparoscopic surgeon in Max Hospital Saket  for laparoscopic hysterectomy. A laparoscopic hysterectomy us a kind of hysterectomy implemented with a class of lean optical tubes usually referred to as laparoscopes. Executed by this manner, hysterectomies often lead to shorter retrieval and operating times than usual operations of this type. It is also moderately common for there to be much less blemishing and owing to this, many females request laparoscope assisted procedures.

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Laparoscopic Surgery for Endometriosis

If you are suffering from severe menstrual pain and other glitches linked to your period, then it is possible that you are dealing with endometriosis. Some individuals do have this disorder and not experience any of its excruciating symptoms, but it is generally identified attributable to painful and heavy periods. One way to diagnose and treat endometriosis is to use laparoscopic surgery endometriosis methods.

Endometriosis Explained

With this disorder, endometrial cells grow not only within the uterus (which is categorically where they should be) but outside it as well. This is where the difficulties begin. These outside cells are found attached to the outside of the uterus or other organs and are named implants.

What is Laparoscopic Surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery for Endometriosis is also known as band aid, keyhole and minimally invasive surgery or MIS. It is executedunder general anesthesia, using a laparoscope, a slim tube-shaped instrument that might have a camera for the surgeon to see how far endometriosis has affected the body. This instrument is introduced via one or two very small cuts made in the stomach region. Carbon dioxide is also released through the incisions to momentarily clear out the belly and permit the surgeon to see the affected portions more evidently. A probe may also be used if it is essential for any organs to be relocated. Read more