Questions You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed to Ask Your GYNAE nearby

Questions You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed to Ask Your GYNAE

Questions You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed to Ask Your GYNAE nearby

Dr. Usha M Kumar – Being the top gynaecologist in India she does what she does because she loves women, she loves babies, and she loves keeping women as healthy as possible. We know that visiting the gynecologist can be embarrassing for many women, especially women who are mainly shy, modest, or who are experiencing a sex-related issue that embarrasses them. The good news is that if there is anyone in your life who you don’t have to be embarrassed around – it’s your  Gynae Nearby. We try to put your mind at ease and find solutions to your most challenging issues and questions.

Here are 5 questions that you should never be embarrassed to ask your Obstetrician/ Gynaecologist.

Q. Can I be put on birth control?

Ans. This question seems so straightforward for women who have been sexually active for a long time, or who are married. For other women, especially those who have been raised in a culture or a religion where sex is taboo before marriage, it can be very embarrassing. In fact, they will never ask it at all and risk winding up with an unplanned pregnancy. Always be honest with your Obstetrician/ Gynaecologist if you are sexually active so we can discuss all of your birth control options and make sure that you are adequately protected against STDs.

Q. What’s that smell?

Ans. Are you noticing an unusual odor coming from your vagina or discharge? This is perfectly normal. Women’s body is very sensitive to a variety of factors including diet, hygiene habits, allergies, sexual activity, and infections. Sometimes that odor may mean nothing at all, other times it might be a symptom of a yeast infection, bacterial infection or other condition that should be treated as soon as possible for your overall comfort and health.

Q. When sex hurts, what can I do?

Ans. There are many reasons why sex can be uncomfortable. There can be many reasons or even your frame of mind. Let us know about your discomfort. We can work to find a solution and make sure everything is okay.

Q. Is it normal to have no sex drive?

Ans. Just as your body chemistry can be responsible for sexual discomfort, it can also make you not want to have sex at all. It is very much important is that you are comfortable with your sex drive. We can look a little deeper into finding the cause as well as the solutions if that’s what you want.

Never feel shy or be afraid to ask your gynecologist any questions. Consult Dr. Usha  M Kumar, the best Gynae nearby who provides compassionate and unconditional support to their patients!

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