Common questions every girl wants to ask from Gynecologist nearby

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Common questions every girl wants to ask from Gynecologist nearby

Hi, my name is Dr. Usha M Kumar, welcome to my blog. I’m also known as the best Gynecologist in Delhi and today I’m here to tell you the top questions you want to ask your Gynecologist nearby but are too afraid to ask.

1.When to start visiting Gynecologist and how often?

One of the foremost gynecologist questions and answers include why should one visit a gynecologist? If you are someone looking at how to do family planning, how to get pregnant, methods of contraception, sterilization, or facing menopausal issues, it is time to visit a gynecologist. Women may suffer from varied issues at different stages of their life. Many women go through these changes in life without understanding them and ignoring them. To understand your concerns and to get clarity on your situation, it is vital to visit a Gynecologist nearby with questions to ask. Also for Sexual health awareness in women. It would be prudent to have an understanding of optimum sexual health when you are trying to get pregnant or understanding how to do family planning with your partner.

2.What is a pap smear and why do I need it?

So a pap smear is basically an internal examination where they will look at something called your cervix. Your uterus is the part where the baby stays has a little corridor at the end and this corridor has its doors shut all the time. This corridor is called the cervix and it sort of protects the uterus and keeps the door shut every once in a while which is to say that once you’re sexually active every three years while you’re in your reproductive age.

You should get a cervical exam in which they take cells from your cervix and see if there’s anything abnormal happening here. So cervical cervix owners and women in India, there are two most common cancers in us. The first is in rural women is cervical cancer, in urban women it is breast cancer. Switch it the other way around for urban women the second most common cancer is cervical and for women, the second most common cancer is breast cancer.  So it is a very common cancer but here’s the best part it is one of the cancers that can most easily be diagnosed.  It can be diagnosed at the earliest stages. It does not require any fancy medical tests that involve any cutting or any cameras going inside you. It’s just a simple test where they put a small soft brush inside your vagina take cells from your cervix and take it out.  It doesn’t hurt it can feel funny because somebody literally has a brush inside you but it’s not painful.  So if there’s such a simple non-invasive non-painful test that can help diagnose and prevent cancer why don’t we get it done more often?

3.What is PCOD?

PCOD (Polycystic Ovary Disease) or PCOS​(Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a hormonal disorder causing enlarged ovaries with small cysts on the outer edges. 1 out of every 10 women has PCOD, and yet most of the women are not aware that they have PCOD problems.

The causes of PCOD​are not really known well even by doctors. However, it is believed that the disease or the syndrome is caused due to high level of male hormones present in the ovaries of the woman.

4.What do I do with my pubic hair?

Is my pubic hair all right? Do I need to shave it? Do I need to wax it? This is a very common question and you will see lots of YouTube videos about it that are full of absolute crap is that my inner thighs or my vulva are darker than the rest of my skin what do I do about it? How do I cure it? Let me tell you this is perfectly normal. Brown people like us in particular have darker inner thighs, have pigmentation on the inner thighs, and have pigmentation on the vulva.

This is a result of hormonal changes in our body and this is not abnormal unless of course there has been a sudden change in the color of your skin. If it’s you know been brownish before and suddenly become black overnight or if it’s raw or painful to touch or anything of that sort, then you need to see your doctor.

Dr. Usha M Kumar can be consulted for any issues that you are facing regarding your body as a woman or any health issues that women of all ages are facing. She will make sure that you have a pleasant experience. Thus if you are in need of a gynecologist nearby then simply head to Dr. Usha who is providing you with the best treatment and best care. Want to schedule an appointment? You can contact her here:

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