What you should know about fibroids

best surgeon for fibroid removal

What you should know about fibroids

Most likely women may develop fibroids between the age of 30-40. Each fibroid is unique and one of a kind, which requires individualization of treatment options. Here in this article, let’s know more about Uterine Fibroids with Dr. Usha  M Kumar – the best surgeon for fibroid removal

What are fibroids?

Uterine Fibroids are non-cancerous growth of the uterus that usually occurs in the womb or uterus of women. They differ in size from very small (pea size) to large that can enlarge the uterus. It may lead to infertility.

Causes of fibroids?

The exact cause of emerging fibroids is unknown. Fibroids lean towards running may be due to hormonal changes, increased estrogen levels, other risk factors are obesity and genetic changes.

Symptoms of fibroids:

Heavy periods lasting over a week, frequent urination, difficulty in emptying the bladder, pelvic pressure or pain, constipation, continuous backache, or leg pain.

Diagnosis of fibroids:

Diagnoses of fibroids are done by ultrasound pelvis preferably TVS, MRI pelvis, Hysterosonography, Hysterosalpingography, Hysteroscopy.

Treatment of fibroids:

Treatment of fibroids depends upon the severity of the fibroid i.e. medical treatment or removal of fibroids. Medical treatment depends on the symptomatic relief and shrinkage of the fibroid size. To shrink the size birth control pills, hormonal injections, medications like Danazol, Mifepristone can be given.

Surgical treatment comprises Myomectomy in cases of infertility or Hysterectomy which can be done by open or laparoscopic approach. There are other treatments options are also available such as uterine artery embolization/ligation, endometrial ablation, radiofrequency ablation.

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