About Vaginal Discharge and Foul Odour in Women

About Vaginal Discharge

About Vaginal Discharge and Foul Odour in Women

Vaginal discharge or odor is one of the most common conditions in women, yet no one wants to talk about or taken help for. It is very important that more and more women become aware of the condition and stop avoiding it. Avoiding this condition leads to some side effects and increases the complexity of the situation. Before things take a turn for the bad, it is vital that you take help from the best gynecologist lady doctor, and fight with this problem during its initial days itself.

Why consult a gynecologist?

Treating the condition as soon as you notice it leads you to stop other diseases and infections that may be caused as a side effect. Also, vaginal discharge and foul odor can become not only the cause of discomfort for your day-to-day life but also a great obstacle in your private life. Don’t let a curable condition hinder your personal life. Visiting a gynecologist will help you get rid of both the excessive discharge and foul order.

What causes vaginal discharge?

  • Yeast Infection: Vaginal yeast infection is by far the most common cause of the vaginal discharge. This factor is considered by itchiness, irritation, and swelling.
  • Urethritis: This condition is influenced by the inflammation and irritation in the tube carrying urine, also referred to as the urethra.
  • Gonorrhea: Gonorrhoea is a worrying cause of the vaginal discharge. This disease is sexually transmitted and affects the warm and wet areas of the body.

Other causes of vaginal discharge include pregnancy, anxiety, cervical cancer, cervix inflammation, or history of the same.

Causes of vaginal foul odor:

  • Infection: Fungal infection is a major cause of vaginal odor.
  • Hormonal change: Change in hormones and discharges also leads to a foul-smelling vagina.
  • Overused tampon: Using a tampon for a longer period than prescribed can also lead to a foul smell from the vagina.
  • Sweat: As the increase of sweat in wet and humid areas of the body leads to a certain amount of odor. The same goes for the vagina.

Treating vaginal discharge and foul odor:

In case that vaginal discharge and a foul odor are becoming a major problem in your life and making things painful for you, it is time that you make your way to an expert. It is suggested to wear loose clothes, not wear a tampon for a long time, lose weight, and consult Dr. Usha M Kumar, the best gynecologist lady doctor in Delhi in case you have any concerns or queries.

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