Does endometriosis increase the risk of ovarian cancer?

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Does endometriosis increase the risk of ovarian cancer?

Ovarian cancer (cancer that starts in the ovaries) also known as a silent killer as it forms tumors that can easily spread quietly all through the body. This is for the reason that its symptoms often imitate those of other diseases or do not present themselves until after cancer spreads. Dr. Usha Kumar, the best cancer surgeon in India helps you in knowing what increases your chances of getting ovarian cancer and what protects you from this is the key to reducing your risk. Read on!

Endometriosis might double the risk of ovarian cancer. Most of the women who have endometriosis don’t even know they have it. It is most likely a lot more common disease than we are aware of. A woman with ovarian cancer knows she also has endometriosis.

Ovarian cancer can be difficult to detect in the early stages because symptoms are not noticeable. Most women do not notice the symptoms until cancer has spread to other parts of the body.

Early-stage ovarian cancer is very difficult to detect, as the majority of women continue to be diagnosed with advanced-stage disease. This is partly due to the fact that each ovary is a small, oval-shaped organ embedded deep within the abdominal cavity on each side of the uterus. Plus, the signs and symptoms are normally non-specific and include:

-Pelvic/abdominal pain or discomfort
-Continuous feeling of fullness
-Gastrointestinal upset
-Unexplained weight loss or gain
-Unexplained change in bowel/bladder habits
-Abnormal or postmenopausal bleeding

Because these possible symptoms and signs of ovarian cancer are indefinite, approximately 25% of ovarian cancers are found in the early stages. Symptoms usually become more noticeable in advanced stages when tumor growth creates pressure on the bladder and rectum, and ascites begin to form.

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