Essential tips to help prevent cervical cancer

Essential tips to help prevent cervical cancer

Essential tips to help prevent cervical cancer

With timely screenings and proper prevention methods, cervical cancer can be found early when
a cure is possible. Thanks to the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine and new screening guidelines,
cervical cancer is asking for fewer lives every year. But many women remain unaware that there are science-backed ways to lower their risk. Dr. Usha M Kumar, the best cancer surgeon in India ponders the simple steps that you can take to avoid a diagnosis.

Go for routine screenings

Following routine screening guidelines can help your OBGYN discover cancer cells at an early stage
when the disease is still treatable. Cervical cancer screening involves Pap testing. You can for Pap
testing for every three years before the age of 30 and after 30 Years for every three years unless your
doctor also tests you for HPV. One of the big reasons why we still see cervical cancer today is that
many women don’t go for routine screenings.

Get the HPV vaccine up until the age of 26

HPV is an infection that’s spread through skin-to-skin contact and has over 150 different strains,
some of which can lead to cancer, including cervical, vaginal, penile, and oral cancer. Getting
vaccinated can help protect against all of these cancers, explains Dr. Usha M Kumar – the best
cancer surgeon in India.

Practice safe sex

Each sexual partner presents a new chance to come in contact with HPV. So, it’s very important to
use protection during oral sex as well.

Get help quitting tobacco

Smoking can deteriorate HPV and put you at risk for cervical cancer because tobacco damages the
transformation zone, decreasing protection for your cervix. And women who do smoke a lot are
more than twice as likely to develop cervical cancer as non-smokers.

Include vitamin A-rich foods in your diet

Including more of Vitamin A may in your diet offer certain protection against cervical cancer. Vitamin
Foods are rich in beta-carotene. Hence, include more orange foods like carrots, sweet potatoes,
pumpkins, and winter squash.

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