A gynecologist is medical expert who deals principally with the female reproductive system. In several cases, the fields of gynecology and obstetrics are practiced by the same doctors. While both fields manage the same region, the latter is concentrated on the gestation of the female. In the former field, it deals largely with the diagnosis and treatment of the female reproductive system.


There are numerous diverse aspects of being the best gynaecologist in India. One is the maintenance of the lady’s primary system used for reproduction. The maintenance of these organs means that the gynaecologist deals with numerous diseases and conditions which he has to be acquainted with. An examination, both visual and chemical might be necessary so as to check and see if everything is doing well with the woman patient. For the visual inspection, the patient must have numerous processes which will enable the expert to comprehensively examine her. Everything from discharges and the external appearance of her genitalia are subject to analysis. The doctor will need to use some instruments so as to get a better view of the interior genital and to scrape some samples from the inside. For chemical inspection, samples of her urine and discharges might be required so as to help Dr. Usha M Kumar, the best gynae cancer surgeon in Max Delhi to determine the health of the system and the lady. Once the analysis is done, the medical doctor will likely recommend a treatment or suggest a process that will help get rid of any abnormalities, disease or disorders that might have been found in the system.

Treatments and procedures

There are so many diverse diseases and conditions that can ensue in the female reproductive system but the most common ones are infections and growths. Infections can cause some discomposure and pain when the normal physical functions are happening. The urinary tract infection is typically diagnosed by a urine sample and the existence of bacteria in the sample. The gynaecologist generally prescribes medications that will combat the infection. Oral medicines are customary for this type of condition. In contrast, yeast infections can also be a common incidence in this portion of the body. The existence of a white cheesy substance and prickliness in the genitalia are general tip-offs that this is the man’s condition. Medicine often comes in the form of suppositories or oral one dose medications. Cancerous growths are also rampant in the female reproductive system. Once growths and cancers are found in it, the gynaecologist is likely to get samples from these to check if they are tumorous or not. If they happen to be malevolent, a series of treatments and processes might be suggested by the gynaecologist to get rid of them. An oncologist may also be brought to the scene to give a superior opinion of the condition. The elimination of the affected areas might also be suggested if the cancer is a fast growing one. Radiation therapy and other types of therapies which encompass killing the cancer cells might also be suggested.

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