There is nothing more blissful than for the couple to be blessed with a baby. In spite of everything, it is what makes a family complete and what makes a house a place called home. All newly married couples desire to have their own little angels as soon as possible, but then there are countless cases of infertility whether on the part of the male or the female. There are also lots of couples who have been married for so long but who have not been able to fruitfully conceive. Infertility is the term used for one’s deficiency of the capability to conceive. Yet, such case can be remedied particularly with the assistance of the best infertility specialist in Delhi. If the condition persists for such a lengthy time, it is now termed as sterility which is now tough to remedy and sometimes cannot even be mended. Infertility is one of the medical and social difficulties that antagonize many couples all across the globe. Infertility does not only ensue in females but in males also. With this problem, the couple is recommended to see an infertility specialist for the diverse kinds of evaluation and inspections. Maximum infertility specialists would counsel that the male be assessed first since the series of tests to be required for the female is literally too costly and involves lots of time to be consumed. Amid the infertility specialists that handle infertility cases are the gynecologists, urologists, internists and endocrinologists.

What infertility specialists have to say

Infertility specialists suggest that couples should not be terrified of infertility that much except when they do fall under any of the groupings wherein the couples are under the age of 35 and have tried appropriate timing for sexual intercourse but the effort proves fruitless for over a year; the couples are over the age of 35 and have made rigorous efforts to conceive unproductively for more than 6 months; or if the couples are more than 30 years old and histories of agonizing menstrual periods, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), irregular menstrual cycle, recurring miscarriages, or if the male goes through a low sperm count are obvious. If the couples experience any of these, they must get inspected at once so infertility can be cured.

Factors that lead to infertility

Infertility specialists cite numerous factors which in one way or another pose risks for infertility. They are age, weight complications, inflammation, genital infantilism, sexually transmitted disease, smoking, alcohol, tubal disease and endometriosis. Infertility cannot be stopped by all means as there are even several cases of unexplained infertility problems. Unexplained infertility complications ascend when the couple has been evaluated and scrutinized but then no noticeable signs as per medical science is concerned are seen and gauged.

Infertility specialists’ diagnosis

Some tests are conducted by gynecologists like Dr. Usha M Kumar, who is the best gynae cancer surgeon
in Max Delhi, to make sure that the assessment of an individual goes through a serious procedure.

The Rubin Test. This procedure evaluates the potency of the female fallopian tubes. It is done by putting in carbon dioxide through a sterile cannula which then goes into the uterus, to the tubes, and lastly into the peritoneal cavity. Occlusion might be found out if the pressure evaluated is up to 200 mm. of the mercury.
The Salpinogram/Hysterosalpingogram Test. This test principally determines the existence of
tubal obstruction.
The Hubner Test. This is done after one or two hours right after the intercourse. The doctor gets cervical secretions through a long cannula and the aspirated stuff is placed on a slide for a microscopic inspection. The test finds out the viability of the sperm cells.
Help is just around. Infertility specialists are the experts one can trust when such problem ascends.

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