Dr Usha

It is not shocking anymore that many couples are eyeing for those becoming pregnant tips. While there are spouses who conceive a child quite effortlessly, others are struggling to even come up with one. Occurrences of this specific problem have increased in the last two decades and progressively more couples seem to be encountering fertility issues. Dr Usha M Kumar is an expert gynaecologist in Gurgaon for various gynaecological surgeries and treatments.

Dr Usha M Kumar shares 10 years of rich experience in a variety of procedures from gynaecological oncology services to high risk child birth in Gurgaon. Her motto is to help patients in the most accessible way helping them cope up with the changes in their body.

Dr Usha Kumar is the senior and best gynaecologist laparoscopic surgeon in Delhi at Max Hospital. She is super specialized in endoscopic procedures for infertility and for cancer patients. She accomplished her qualification of MBBS and MS (Gynaecology) and was receiver of the “Excellent performance award”. With a mission to offer excellent and reasonable services to all needy folks so that the most favourable results with safe and latest available technologies can be attained, her professional methodology is very understanding, characteristic and tailored contingent on different cases and their glitches.


Precise and effective guidance is very important in gynaecology cases. The patient has to be made comfortable to understand her problem. Many patients in Gurgaon consult Dr Usha M Kumar for preventive care and guidance.
By guiding you right and recommending you effective treatments, Dr Usha M Kumar leaves no stone unturned to bring back the lost charm and happiness in a couple’s life. Schedule your appointment now with our experienced gynaecologist in Gurgaon for affordable treatment to your gynaecological concerns.

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