The diagnosis of Gynaecological cancer is one of the biggest trauma that women go through. We have a team of experts with us who are well-trained in providing the best treatment for Gynaecological cancer. This is a kind of Cancer which is seen in the reproductive organs of women. The treatment can be done only by a Gynecologic oncologist in India who is specialized in diagnosing and treating it in the most professional manner. The gynecologic oncologist has the knowledge and experience in treating cancer in the ovary, uterus, cervix, vagina, trophoblastic disease, and also in the endometrium.

We are one of the most trusted and well-known Gynecologic Oncology surgery clinic in Lajpat Nagar. The treatments we provide are advanced and treated with the latest tools and equipment’s which help us in achieving a satisfactory result by treating our patients as per their needs and problems. Dr. Usha M Kumar is specialized in obstetrician hence are well-trained cancer surgeon in Delhi in providing the best care for women who are going through any kind of trouble or cancer.

There are various kind of factors which lead to Gynaecological cancer in female’s body. Below are some of the main reasons which pushes a female into this problem

  • Endometrial Hyperplasia is one of the major trouble were the cells of endometrium are seen abnormal
  • Then some women suffer from cervical dysplasia which is caused due to abnormalities in the cervical cells
  • Breast cancer is also one of the main reasons which is heredity
  • Menstruation at the early age also causes cancer
  • Women who have hormone related issues do face a lot of trouble


If at all you are going through any of the above symptoms then it’s high time for you to consult your gynaecologist to get rid of these health complications which may give you trouble during pregnancy. PAP SMEAR TEST IN Delhi is one of the most opted cancer detection test which fats the cervix without giving much trouble to the female body. The Course for PAP in Delhi is done in a very professional way with multiple appointments and visits as per the trouble the patient is going through.

Dr. Usha M Kumar and the team of experts with us have the key skills in them to provide the best treatment for Gynaecological Oncology surgeries, Cancer treatments in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. One can visit our clinic to understand the kind of treatment we provide. Take back some important information and tips with you, then you can decide on going ahead with the treatment as per your needs. We see to it that all the patients are happy and satisfied with the treatment and medication we provide them. If your problem is minor we can treat your cancer with the best medication and avoid surgery. It’s really important for you to know the symptoms at the basic level itself and getting it treated as soon as possible to lead a successful and healthy life.

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