Get familiar with the best time to get pregnant! Visit a gynaecologist today!

Get familiar with the best time to get pregnant! Visit a gynaecologist today!

There are numerous ways to be able to determine when you have your best likelihoods of getting pregnant. One of these is by simply paying a visit to your gynae. A gynaecologist in India will be able to clarify to you your ovulation and the days when you are most fertile and all set for conception. They will also be able to give you a worthy idea on what you should do to further upsurge your likelihoods. Your current lifestyle choices and physical well being is a remarkable determining factor on when do you have your best chances of getting pregnant. One reason for this is that if your body is not in an idyllic state, the likelihoods might keep on declining without you observing. However, for some females who get pregnant even when they struggle with a number of conditions, there is always the upper risk of complications to the pregnancy and the baby.


In terms of your reproductive system, you will know when do you have your best probabilities of getting pregnant centered on your ovulation. The most fertile day of your cycle proves to have the principal success rate. There are two other elements that will determine the best time for conception. The woman’s most fertile period is during the ovulation phase of one’s menstrual cycle. The ovulation period is when the mature ovum is released from the follicles to the uterus. The ovum stays in the uterus for 12 hours before it begins to degenerate. When can you get pregnant? During ovulation period, obviously.To know your most fertile phase of the cycle, you have to take note of how your body works and react. Spot the physical symptoms of ovulation to know the best time to get pregnant. If you have a regular menstrual 28 day period, it is easier to decide when you can get pregnant the most likely. All you need to do is to count the days. After your menstrual period, count for 14 days. This is your ovulation period. Thus, have sex during the 12th to 15th day. You can use an online ovulation period calculator to determine the best time to have sex for the next few months. A woman can also observe her vaginal discharge to know if her ovulation has begun. Ovulation causes a change in the substance of the cervical mucus, a vaginal discharge. During ovulation the discharge will look like the consistency of raw eggs as equated to a more watery consistency you experience before ovulation. Take one’s temperature every morning the moment you wake up and get out of bed. Record it each day and once your body temperature rises to a half degree, you have ovulated.

You can purchase a home ovulation predictor kit. These tests identify the luteinizing hormone or LH. Once the LH levels upsurge, it notifies that you are at your most fertile stage. See your gynecologist to conclude your ovulation period and ask them ‘when can you get pregnant’. Ask them for tips and supplements on how to upsurge the probabilities of fertility so that you can start a family of your own.

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