Birth Control

Birth Control Treatment and Contraceptive Counseling 

If you’re one of the 65% of women between the ages of 18 and 49 who take any kind of contraception, you may need to discontinue it at some point. People discontinue taking birth control for a variety of reasons, including family planning and dissatisfaction with the side effects.

Counseling is one of the important things in most of the women’s life these days as they don’t really take care of their health in the right manner. We provide various kind of counselling programs for our patients which help them lead a stress free and healthy life.

Pregnancy is one of the vital phases in every women’s life. There are a lot of women who stop their family planning once they have one or two kids. Unwanted pregnancies provide a lot of stress and mental pressure in her. This is where Dr Usha M Kumar one of the leading and best Gynaecologist Laparoscopic surgeon in Delhi provides the best tips and advice on how to get rid of unwanted pregnancies. We provide a range of treatment with us with allowing women to choose the apt one as per her health condition. These days most of the gynaecologists in Delhi advice to go for birth control pills, condoms, sterilization and birth control rings which are the most effective treatment without much side effects. You can always take advice with Dr Usha to choose the right treatment.

Birth Control - Dr. Usha M Kumar

  1. Birth control pills- This is preferred by most of the women as it does not cause any side effects and also help in stopping unwanted pregnancies.
  2. Condoms- Most of the couples go for condoms as it gives the best result and also protects them from transmitting any kind of sexual diseases.
  3. Birth control rings- Women who want to go for unwanted pregnancy for a longer period of time can choose this treatment.
  4. Sterilization- This is a very effective method used in our clinic in Delhi and is opted by countless women.
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