Best Infertility Specialist in Delhi


For any couple, there is nothing more jubilant than to be blessed with a child. A child makes a family complete. All married couples wish to have their own little angels as soon as possible, but then there are several cases of infertility whether on the part of the man or the woman. If you and your spouse have found yourself facing complications conceiving a child, you might be interested in attaining the services from the best infertility specialist in Delhi like Dr. Usha M Kumar.

What is Infertility?


Infertility is defined as the incompetence of a couple to conceive after 12 months of unprotected sexual intercourse. In broader terms, infertility is an ailment of the reproductive system in either a male or female that impairs the conception of kids. The diagnosis of infertility is generally prescribed to those women who have been trying to get pregnant without contraception for at least 1 year without any productive result.

Major Causes of Infertility


There are various reasons for infertility in females and males. In males, it is the lack of production of sperm that is the most common reason for infertility. Occasionally, any illness or injury later in life can also be a reason for a men’s infertility. For females, the most common problem when it comes to infertility is associated with ovulation. A women’s infertility can be affected by numerous factors including being overweight or underweight, their age, or any anxieties that they are undergoing.




When you are going through infertility, talk to your family members and friends. Your experience, surrounding atmosphere, and behavior will affect your pregnancy. Finding the best infertility experts in Delhi who offer both pioneering medical care and a supportive and fostering environment is vital.

Dr. Usha M Kumar – Pregnancy care specialist Delhi is always available for all your pregnancy-related concerns. She encourages you to get ready for childbirth by understanding the birth process. This will help you stay strong and prepared. Try to stay in good health and a jolly mood as your mental happiness in pregnancy is just as important as your physical health. She takes complete care of your pregnancy, starting with pre-pregnancy checkups to post-natal care.

You can talk to Dr. Usha M Kumar about your expectations and doubts without any thoughts. She is a veteran, knowledgeable gynecologist, and the best infertility specialist in Delhi. Want to schedule an appointment? You can contact her here:

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